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Elected Article
Vasiliev Afanasiy Sofronovich - Khokhura(1929-1991)

Afanasyi Sofronovich Vasiliev was born in 1929 in the village of Lyuyuchyun of Kobyaiskyi ulus. In 1931 his parents and he moved to the village of Borogon of Vilui ulus. When he was a small boy he became an orphan, therefore he could not study, he had to work.


New Article

U.G. Nokhsorov was born in 27 May 1907 in the village of Abaga of Amginskyi ulus.

From his childhood he used to listen to singings of the famous olonkho performers of Amga T.V. Zakharov-Cheebyi and G.Z. Artemiev, whose olonkho he performed with great pleasure. Since he was a child he became famous in his own and neighboring uluses as a gifted singer-improvisator and olonkho performer with strong and fine voice... ( go... )


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