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Nokhsorov Ustin Gavrilievich

From Olonkho Hyper Media


U.G. Nokhsorov was born in 27 May 1907 in the village of Abaga of Amginskyi ulus.

From his childhood he used to listen to singings of the famous olonkho performers of Amga T.V. Zakharov-Cheebyi and G.Z. Artemiev, whose olonkho he performed with great pleasure. Since he was a child he became famous in his own and neighboring uluses as a gifted singer-improvisator and olonkho performer with strong and fine voice.

In 1938 he was subjected to political repressions. U.G. Nokhsorov was imprisoned where he undermined his health.

In 1940 performance “Nurgun Bootur” by D.K. Sivtsev-Suorun Omolloon was staged in the Yakutsk state theatre where U.G. Nokhsorov took an active part as an assistant of producer and an actor. He took the part of aiyy bogatyr Yuryung Uolan.

Famous folk songs-toiuks, which were published in several volumes were created by him. His olonkho text “Sylgy uola Dyyrai Bergen” (Horse’s son Dyyrai Bergen) is kept in the archive of the Yakutsk Scientific Center of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It will be published soon.

In 1946 he was invited to take part in the great concert, devoted to the Great Victory over the fascist Germany. He performed a fragment from olonkho, a song-toiuk “Day of Great Victory” and “Ohuokhai” which won the Muscovites’ hearts and for which he was introduced to Joseph Stalin.

U.G. Nokhsorov died in 1951. He was rehabilitated in September 22, 1992.