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Vasiliev Afanasiy Sofronovich - Khokhura

From Olonkho Hyper Media


Afanasiy Sofronovich Vasiliev was born in 1929 in the village of Lyuchyun of Kobyaiskiy ulus (region). In 1931 his parents and he moved to the village of Borogon of Vilui ulus.

When he was a small boy he became an orphan, therefore he could not study, he had to work.

His father Sapparyan was famous olonkho performer in his locality. Afanasyi always listened to his singing. His friend, famous olonkho performer Vasiliy Osipovich Karatayev and he considered their countryman Trofim Petrovich Gogolev as their teacher in olonkho singing. They both first listened to Trofim Gogolev’s singing of olonkho “Modun Er Soghotokh” (Mighty Lonely Man) and studied to perform it.

A.S. Vasiliev became popular as olonkho performer in 60s. He sang excerpts from olonkho at amateur performances. During Olonkho Days in Yakutsk his singing of olonkho “Modun Er Sogotokh” made impressions on audiences.

In 1984 professor Vasiliy Vasilievich Illarionov and in 1988 folklore specialist Petr Nikiforovich Dmitriev recorded his olonkhos “Ajyk Bootur” and “Modun Er Soghotokh”. M.A. Maltseva, a teacher from Borogon secondary school, published his olonkho “Modun Er Soghotokh” which was in Yakutsk radio fund of National Broadcasting Company “Sakha”. The volume of this olonkho is 4508 poetical lines.

In 2000 V.V. Illarionov’s book “Olonkho Performer A.S. Vasiliev: his life and creative work” was published where his gift as olonkho performer and his repertoire was described. Text of his olonkho, kept in Yakutsk radio fund, was included in this book.

Afanasiy Sofronovich Vasiliev - Khokhura died in 1991 in the village of Borogon.